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Your blog has a few things about me there, Ty...

Yeap. Well, about your old url…

I’ll start up again soon! Sorry, I’m prepping some stuff first! Like learning how to que haha. Sorry anon!

Ha, sorry! I have been going through some stuff, and tumblr just didn’t seem up there. Sorry anon!

Guy’s go and follow iamirelephant ! She is amazing, and has helped me through a lot these past months. Plus she has amazing music taste. She even introduced me to CHVRCHES. 

By the way guys, jordiebird changed her URL. I’ll post it at a later date, because it’s 9:30ish, and yeah.

Aaaaand I’m back! Sorry, I’ve been busy for the past few months, but Francis said that he saw that the blog wasn’t active, so heeeey.

Oh god, where do I start? So jordiebird is Francis’ best friend, and she’s helped him through a lot of rough times. I met her over video when I was at Francis’ house before school, and she’s amazing. She’s funny, sweet, beautiful, sexy, amazing, perfect, intelligent, has amazing eyes and perfect hair, and she’s quite shy. It’s so perfect… She’s simply amazing…

I think any time after you’ve at least turned 16, as long as you feel you are ready. I think that 16 is when you start to actually think about things. Don’t let anyone force you into it. Girls like their first time to be special right? But if you are 15 like me, or even younger, I’m not going to judge you, beautiful(;

Hello there, beautiful grey face(;